Navigating Volatility: Insights from GATS30 Strategy and Upcoming Economic Events

Navigating Volatility: Insights from GATS30 Strategy and Upcoming Economic Events

As we embark on a new week filled with significant economic events, the trading strategies at Global Accountancy Institute, Inc. (GAI) and Global Financial Engineering, Inc. (GFE) are poised to navigate the anticipated volatility. The Global Algorithmic Trading Software (GATS30) Strategy 4: Global Intraday Swing Trader has several open positions that will be directly influenced by the upcoming high-impact economic events. Here’s an analysis of these events and how our strategy is positioned.

Upcoming High-Impact Economic Events

The following key economic events are expected to impact major currencies, potentially affecting our trading strategy:

Germany (EUR)

  • Balance of Trade: Reflects the difference between exports and imports. A higher surplus strengthens the EUR, while a deficit weakens it.

United Kingdom (GBP)

  • BRC Retail Sales Monitor YoY: Measures consumer spending. Higher sales can boost the GBP.
  • GDP MoM: Monthly GDP data indicates economic growth. A rising GDP strengthens the GBP.
  • Goods Trade Balance & Non-EU Trade Balance: Indicates trade surplus or deficit. A surplus strengthens the GBP.

Australia (AUD)

  • Westpac Consumer Confidence Change: Reflects consumer sentiment. Higher confidence can strengthen the AUD.
  • NAB Business Confidence: Business outlook indicator. Higher confidence can boost the AUD.

United States (USD)

  • Fed Chair Powell Testimony & Speech: Insights into future monetary policy can significantly impact the USD.
  • Initial Jobless Claims & Jobless Claims 4-week Average: Indicates labor market health. Higher claims weaken the USD.
  • Continuing Jobless Claims: Ongoing unemployment claims. Lower claims strengthen the USD.
  • CPI & Inflation Rates (MoM, YoY): Measures inflation. Higher rates can prompt rate hikes, strengthening the USD.
  • Core Inflation Rate (MoM, YoY): Excludes volatile items like food and energy. Higher rates indicate economic overheating, prompting rate hikes.
  • PPI MoM (Producer Price Index): Indicates inflationary pressures. Higher PPI strengthens the USD.
  • Michigan Consumer Sentiment: Reflects consumer confidence. Higher sentiment boosts the USD.

China (CNY)

  • Inflation Rate YoY: Measures price level changes. Higher inflation impacts global markets and commodities.
  • Balance of Trade: Reflects trade surplus or deficit. A surplus strengthens the CNY.

Current Open Positions for GATS30 Strategy

The Global Intraday Swing Trader (GATS30) has the following open positions as of July 6, 2024:

DateSymbolSideQuantBasisPriceUnrealized P/LRealized P/L
7/3/24 10:00AUD/CADLong40.914240.92023$176$0
7/5/24 14:21AUD/JPYLong2108.513108.429($9)$0
7/2/24 20:08AUD/USDLong40.667360.67473$295$0
7/4/24 13:36EUR/CADLong31.471611.47804$141$0
7/5/24 16:00EUR/JPYLong1174.302174.228($4)$0
7/4/24 21:35EUR/NZDLong21.768191.76309($62)$0
7/2/24 14:50EUR/USDLong21.074821.08364$191$92
7/5/24 06:00GBP/CADLong31.740101.74774$168$0
7/5/24 08:33GBP/CHFLong31.150411.14664($125)$0
7/5/24 09:15GBP/JPYLong1206.095205.995($5)$0
7/5/24 02:42GBP/NZDLong22.088022.08422($46)$0
7/3/24 10:00GBP/USDLong31.277191.28110$117$0
7/5/24 08:36NZD/CHFLong40.551620.54979($81)$0
7/5/24 10:55NZD/JPYLong298.73298.767$4$0

Strategic Insights and Adjustments

  1. Monitoring Economic Events:
    • AUD Positions: Consumer confidence and business confidence data from Australia will be crucial for AUD positions. Positive readings can strengthen AUD pairs like AUD/CAD, AUD/JPY, and AUD/USD.
    • EUR Positions: Balance of Trade data from Germany and inflation data from China will impact EUR pairs. Positive trade balances and controlled inflation can boost the Euro.
    • GBP Positions: GDP data, trade balances, and retail sales from the UK will significantly influence GBP pairs. Strong economic indicators can strengthen GBP positions like GBP/CAD, GBP/CHF, and GBP/USD.
    • USD Positions: Fed Chair Powell’s testimony and speeches, along with jobless claims and inflation data, will be critical for USD pairs. Hawkish remarks and strong economic indicators can boost the USD, affecting EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and other related pairs.
  2. Adjusting Trailing Stops:
    • Given the high-impact events, trailing stops will be widened to prevent premature stop-outs due to volatility spikes. This approach ensures that trades have enough room to develop while protecting against significant adverse movements.
  3. Pre-Event Risk Management:
    • To mitigate risk, positions might be reduced or closed before major economic announcements. This strategy helps lock in profits and limit potential losses from unexpected market reactions.
  4. Post-Event Analysis:
    • After key economic events, positions will be reassessed to ensure they align with the new market conditions. Adjustments will be made based on the market’s reaction to the events, maintaining the strategy’s alignment with overall trading objectives.


The upcoming week is packed with high-impact economic events that will likely influence market volatility and affect our trading strategies at GAI and GFE. By closely monitoring these events, adjusting trailing stops, and implementing pre- and post-event risk management strategies, the GATS30 strategy aims to navigate the forex market effectively, capitalizing on opportunities while mitigating risks. This proactive and adaptive approach ensures that we remain well-positioned to achieve consistent and impressive trading outcomes.

By strategically managing open positions and staying agile in response to upcoming economic events, the GATS30 strategy aims to enhance its performance and navigate the complexities of the Forex market effectively. This proactive approach ensures that the strategy is well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities while mitigating potential risks, leading to consistent and impressive trading outcomes.

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The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Trading Forex involves substantial risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The performance of the GATS30 strategy, as discussed in this article, is based on historical data and past performance is not indicative of future results. Always consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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