End of Day Report for April 1, 2024 – Global Horizon Strategic Markets Portfolio

End of Day Report for April 1, 2024 – Global Horizon Strategic Markets Portfolio

As the trading day concluded on April 1, 2024, the Global Horizon Strategic Markets Portfolio, managed by Global Financial Engineering, Inc., showcased a dynamic approach to market engagement through the dual application of Global Algorithmic Trading Software (GATS60) Strategy 5: Global Hourly Trend Follower and GATS1440 Strategy 7: Global Daily Trend Rider. This strategic diversification aimed to capitalize on both short-term swings and longer-term trends, marking a significant evolution in our trading methodology.

Strategic Shift and Trading Volume Surge

The decision to gear down to GATS60 for exploiting short-term market fluctuations alongside our established GATS1440 strategy resulted in a noticeable increase in trade volume. This maneuver was strategically implemented to enhance our portfolio’s responsiveness to market dynamics, demonstrating our commitment to adaptive trading strategies.

Closed Transactions and Performance Metrics

The portfolio’s closed transactions revealed a robust performance, with a Closed P/L of $43,351.52. This outcome is particularly noteworthy against the backdrop of strategic adjustments made during the trading sessions. High-value trades, such as the sell position in AUDUSD, which closed with a profit of $42,889.65, underscored the efficacy of our diversified strategy approach. Additionally, the purchase in XAUUSD and BCHUSD further exemplified our capability to seize lucrative opportunities across various asset classes.

Open Trades and Market Positioning

The open trades as of the end of the day, however, reflected a challenging market environment, with a floating P/L of -$76,440.82. Positions in diverse instruments, including 1INCHUSD, BNBUSD, BTCUSD, and notably, a sell position in AUDCAD with a significant unrealized loss, highlight the inherent risks associated with trading across a broad spectrum of markets. Despite these challenges, our strategic foresight and risk management protocols remain pivotal in navigating these volatile conditions.

Strategic Insights and Forward-Looking Considerations

Today’s trading activities underscore the importance of flexibility and strategic adaptation in achieving portfolio objectives. The integration of GATS60 into our trading approach, alongside the continued application of GATS1440, illustrates our proactive stance in leveraging market opportunities across different time horizons.

Moving forward, our focus will be on:

  • Continued Strategy Evaluation: Assessing the performance of our dual-strategy approach to refine our trading tactics.
  • Risk Management: Enhancing our risk mitigation measures, especially in light of the floating losses, to protect our portfolio from adverse market movements.
  • Market Analysis: Deepening our market analysis to better anticipate and react to market trends and volatility.


The Global Horizon Strategic Markets Portfolio’s journey through April 1, 2024, reflects both the potential rewards and risks inherent in the financial markets. As we continue to evolve our strategies and adapt to market conditions, our dedication to achieving excellence in trading remains unwavering. We look forward to navigating future market opportunities with strategic precision and robust risk management.

This report serves as a testament to our commitment to transparency, strategic agility, and continuous improvement in our pursuit of trading excellence within the Global Horizon Strategic Markets Portfolio.

About the Author: Dr. Glen Brown

Dr. Glen Brown is the visionary President & CEO of Global Financial Engineering and Global Accountancy Institute. With an illustrious career that spans decades, Dr. Brown has been at the forefront of financial education and proprietary trading strategy development. His expertise and innovative approaches have significantly contributed to the field, making him a revered figure among peers and students alike. Under his leadership, both institutions have embraced cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, setting new standards in trading and financial education.

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